Andorra Weather

As Andorra is situated in the Pyrenees at altitude the weather in Andorra is milder than surrounding France and Spain. During the winter Andorra is covered with snow but reaches moderate temperatures close to 30 C in the summer. Below is a 3 day weather guide followed by Andorra seasonal temperatures.


Andorra Monthly Average Temperatures

The normal Andorra temperature range is (maximum followed by minimum):

January 8C to -7C 
February 8C to -4C 
March 15C to 2C 
April 18C to 4C
May 22C to 8C
June 24C to 10C
July 25C to 15C
August 26C to 15C
September 20C to 10C
October 18C to 5C 
November 12C to -2C 
December 11C to -4C

Due to the climate in Andorra and the high levels of snowfall in the winter it is no surprise that it is pricipally a skiing destination during the frozen winter months.

However, due to Andorra's beautiful and rugged mountainous terrain it is an excellent hiking, camping and outdoors holiday destination during the summer months.

Current Time in Andorra

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