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If you are considering buying real estate – especially if you are considering Andorra residency – we recommend visiting a company who have been helping people successfully with residency in Andorra for over 30 years.

YourAndorra works in association with Tribune Properties who have over 30 years experience in buying property in Andorra.

Simply fill in their request form here and they will e-mail you the full list of currently available properties for sale in Andorra plus what is needed for residency:

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Viewing property in Andorra

Viewing is generally accepted by Andorra estate agents as being Monday to Friday, and Saturday to mid-day. It makes little sense to plan to visit Andorra for a weekend if your primary reason for visiting is for property.

Most public holidays are also non viewing days.

If you are visiting Andorra for skiing or snowboarding and staying in El Tarter or Soldeu, remember that many estate agents are based in the capital la Vella, and it can take an hour each way for them to visit you. Most estate agents get a fair share of skiiers who think it is a good idea to spend an afternoon viewing properties with little if any intention of buying.

If you are visiting to ski but are genuinely interested in property make clear to the agents that you are serious, and establish a time and meeting place before setting off for Andorra, and they will then take you seriously and organise viewings for you.

If you are visiting Andorra with a view to possibly applying for residency, communicate with the estate agents (who will also advise and help with residency applications) communicate before arriving in Andorra and they will organise bank appointments and schedule time for discussions about a possible application in advance, as well as organising property viewings, making your visit efficient.

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