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Andorra is best known as a budget ski holiday destination, a winter holiday party destination, a tax haven and possibly most famously - hardly anybody knows exactly where it is.

Ask 10 people to point out Andorra on a map and probably nine of them would be hundreds of miles (and maybe even a continent) away.

YourAndorra is a guide bringing you information on Andorra ski holidays, Andorra ski resort information, Andorra Hotels; and due to Andorra's tax haven status we also provide information on Andorra property and banks in Andorra.

Where is Andorra?

andorra is between france and spainAndorra is a tiny European principality situated in the Pyrenees mountain range between France and Spain.

Andorra sits in the mountains between the borders of Northeast Spain and Southern Pyrenean France. It has no commercial airport, no railway stations and no coastline. The nearest major city is the Catalonian capital of Barcelona in Spain.

Follow this link for more Andorra facts and figures. Or go to this website www.where-is-andorra.com


Lleida Airport Opens Up Andorra

Ski Tour Operator Neilson have announced they will be flying into Lleida airport in northern Spain this year to cut down transfer times for ski holidays in Andorra this winter.

Lleida is the closest airport to Andorra timewise at only 205 kiilometres and just over 2 hours away and boasting a good motorway connection as does Barcelona now.

Transfer times to Andorra should be reduced by 30-40% and Neilson estimate that 16,000 holidaymakers from the UK will use the new route this year.

Transfer Times:

Barcelona 3-3.5 hours (depending on arrival airport)
Toulouse 3.5 hours
Lleida 2.25 hours

Cheap Ski Holidays in Andorra

There are a number of UK ski tour operators offering ski holidays in Andorra. Price checking between them can quite often save a lot of money. Also, many UK high street travel agents will match or beat internet prices so you can do the research online and then take the details into your agent to see what ski deals they can offer.

If you prefer to do it yourself there are even more possible savings to be had. Both Easyjet and Ryanair offer cheap flights to the nearest airports of Barcelona, Girona and Toulouse. Once you've found the cheapest flights all that remains is to find an Andorra Hotel at the right location and price and you could be on the slopes for much less than you think.

Whether you are visiting Andorra for pleasure or business, our guide will provide you with advice and recommendations for the best hotel and holiday deals, cheap flights and car hire, as well as infomative articles and press reviews.

Flights to Andorra

The easiest way to Andorra for UK residents is by air via either Barcelona or Toulouse.
There is an abundance of cheap flights these days couple with good coach links to the province.

Most major airlines including British Airways fly direct to Barcelona whilst Ryanair and Easyjet cover some of the other nearby aiports.

Flights into any of the airports serving Andorra from the UK take approximately two hours. Any travel plans for Andorra should include the transfer time of approximately 3.5 hours plus waiting time for the coach services from the airport to the resorts.

Ski Holidays

For most people the reason for visiting Andorra is that it offers affordable ski holidays for all levels of skiers from beginner to advanced.

Ski facilities and quality of snow are very high with good average levels of snow throughout the resorts. The resorts also have snow cannons to ensure levels of snow.

There is a large range of pistes to choose from within the resorts and expert skiers can also ski off-piste if skilled enough.


Current Time in Andorra

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